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10.  Details of Fee Structure                  :                                As Per List Enclosed (Click to View)
                (i)    Pre Nursery                                                        20800

                (ii)    Nursery                                                               20800

                (iii)    I  to V                                                                   22000

                (iv)    VI  to VIII                                                              24000

                (v)     IX  & X                                                                 25200

                (vi)    XI & XII                                                                27000

11.  Transport Facility
                 (i)    Own buses                                                        NOT ARRANGED BY SCHOOL
                (ii)    Buses hired on contract basis                      NO
                (iii)   Details of Transport Charges                        NO

12    Particulars of teaching staff (to be updated time to time)

13    Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff / non teaching staff
        ( to be updated time to time )


14    Mode of Payment of salary

        (i)    Name of the Bank through which salary is drawn         CANARA BANK, RNT MARG, INDORE

        (ii)    Through single cheque transfer advice                           YES

        (iii)   Individual cheque                                                                 NO

        (iv)   Cash                                                                                        NO
Date of Birth
Date of Appointment
Trained / Untrained
Probation / Confirmed
Adhoc / Part Time
Scale of Pay
Grade Pay
% of D.A.

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